We know that with a first past the post electoral system, you want a party that represents many beliefs. The Pirate Party now has a comprehensive policy which promotes pirate values.

So what is the Pirate Party in a nutshell?

Same pirate roots. Much more comprehensive.

We use Rick Falkvinge's Pirate Wheel as one of the bases of our beliefs, the wheel itself is very comprehensive but it does not give clear answers to the questions Canadians are asking so we have expanded our policy so Canadians know who they are voting for.

It's the twenty-first century. We have twenty-first century policies.

Is your current party future friendly, or even future compatible? We are the party of the people who fixed your computer and your politicians' computer, we know about new technology and we are excited by it and not scared by it. Why would you keep electing politicians who still have someone else check their email? In the future of politics we tweet, facebook, and blog all in reply to your feedback. We are the politicians, you are our clients - our responsibility is to you.

It's not rhetoric. It's science.

Did you know that gum does not get stuck in your body for years if you swallow it? We are constantly fact-checking, snopes-ing, and reading peer-reviewed articles to base our policy on. We don't believe in "because we said so", we believe in hard facts and science. Global warming is real, our current gun control laws are effective, and sharing culture doesn't hurt artists -- don't believe us? Look at the research. Have research that says we're wrong? We want to know!